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6 Week



We work with you to set your goals

The 6 Week Challenge is all about improving your health, your happiness and creating some new kick ass habits.

Our team of experienced health coaches will work with you to develop and achieve your personal goals for the next 6 weeks.

Nourished and Strong health programmes are based on the 6 pillars of health.


We use metabolic typing to determine what foods are best for your genetic make up and macronutrient type. You will get your own personal nutrition programme, food list and food pyramid to stick to during the challenge. This will be a real game changer.


We will calculate  how much water you need to drink each day based on your body weight.


Our health coaches will work with you to set exercise goals specifc to you and your body - it could be as simple as moving for 30 minutes a day


Each week you will receive information on diferent mindfulness strategies and activities like meditation, gratitude and walking. Our health coaches will help you fnd one that works for you.


Our health coaches will help you work out your sleep target.


You will be connected with a community of others doing the 6 Week Challenge through the Nourished AS app, you can support each other, track progress and compete against your mates (this section is optional and you do not need to participate in it). 

Then we track your progress

Throughout the 6 Week Challenge you will have access to our ‘Nourished AS’ app. You will use the app to log your daily nutrition, hydration, movement and sleep and mindfulness.

Each day you collect points through the app, as your points grow, so do your healthy habits. Through the app you will have 24/7 access to your own personal health coach who will:

• Check your data daily to see how you are tracking
• Provide accountability and support by messaging you with tips and tricks to keep you motivated
• Send information, links and videos with health advice out about our weekly challenges

How did Bradley Project Management find it?

“Despite the above, the real win is my team personally came away with some good habits and feel better both inside and out. I personally have a few new habits including eating a lot more fruit/veg, having a better diet when travelling, doing meditation and restricting the amount of nights I work late.”

- Bradley Project Management

On average team bpm dropped 5kgs each with Rob Scrimgeour dropping a massive 10kg

• Team bpm averaged 89 mins of exercise per day during the challenge • On average bp ran 6.7km a day (and Talei enjoyed every step along the way).

• 7.5hrs of sleep a day

• Consumed an average 4.65 servings of fruit and vegetables

• Only 1 serving of indulgences on average.

• Most importantly they had a good time

Our team was so impressed how bpm jumped into this challenge with a “no excuses” policy

The six week challenge was all tracked through our amazing app and they had access to their own health coach 24 HOURS A DAY through, the whole process keeping them accountable and motivated.

Join us for the next challenge for just $89

Our next 6 week challenge starts on the 29th of July