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With our personalised health coaching and wellness programmes

Our next 6 week challenge starts 19th March 2018!


it works

We know that how you choose to eat, move and sleep is integral to your health and happiness. Nourished A.S. takes a holistic approach to helping busy people look after their body and mind. We’ve developed our Wellness Challenges built on the 6 pillars of health.

What are

your options?


6 Week Challenges

Our 6 week challenges are a perfect way to jump in and start creating positive lifestyle habits.
Join a program as an individual, or grab a team of work mates or friends to start the journey together.  


Coaching on the go

Want to start today? Coaching on the go is our more personalised option.  We’ll work with you to uncover and achieve your personal wellness goals based on your lifestyle. 


Clinical testing

Take things further! Try our clinical testing to uncover how your body is handling foods, allergies, cortisol and stress levels.

Wellness made simple

Track your progress through our app! Stay accountable with 24/7 access to your coach.

Seamless integration with your apps and devices

All tracking can also be done manually through our app, having a wearable is optional.

Let’s do this!