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What are we using for the weekly programs?

We are currently using interactive PDF files for the wellness programs and keeping them on Google Drive. The changes are synced with our health coaches 24-7 so they can keep track of your progress and give you the best advice when you need it. This means we can easily keep each program personalized for each specific user.

Why are we using this approach?

The PDF files have been working great so far, but it’s just a temporary solution while we build an app that can be accessed from the website and mobile devices. This is currently the most versatile solution that is easy to keep track clients progress on the fly. Rather than having to email different versions of the programs to the coaches, users can just save the file on their desktop in the Google folder, while google drive does the rest of the work, syncing the file to us.

How are we managing this?

We are working alongside Launch Design who are managing all the technical things like the website, feedback forms, google drive setup and building the interactive PDF’s so that we can focus on what we do best; health coaching.